How is the cost of translation estimated?

The translation cost is calculated based on the number of characters making up the translated text. Information on the text volume in characters can be found in the statistical data of the MS Office Word tools. Each document submitted for translation is priced separately.

Certified translations

The price rate for certified translations based on the statutory unit of text defined as 1,125 characters (word-dividing spaces included). Any portion of text in excess of the unit or its multiple carries the full unit price rate.

Non-certified translations

For non-certified translations, the baseline pricing is the same as for certified translations, though in this case the fee remains negotiable (the potential discount available on the price rate per unit of text, or the size of the base text unit).

Urgent translations

Urgent translations: the urgency mode is construed as the job done on the original receipt date, or – for more voluminous documents – completed over the time which requires more than 8 hours’ work a day. With jobs of the kind the price is increased by 100% - for certified translations, and by 50% - for non-certified translations.